Tired of water dripping on your customers? Then you need a commercial roofing company that you can rely on. Give us a call, and we’ll handle everything. Although roofing is roofing, commercial roofing is a whole other world compared to residential. This is the world of flat roofing, metal, low slopes, and high stakes.

We understand that you need to get your roof fixed fast and that you can’t afford to close shop while we complete the repair. We’ll work closely with you and bring in the most experienced roofing specialists in the country to fulfill your needs. Commercial roof replacement or restoration can be stressful for business owners. That's why we’re here to make the process as painless as possible.

Commercial Flat Roofing, Repair, and Restoration

We specialize in different types of commercial flat roofing

EPDM Roofing


EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) is a durable roofing membrane used on low-slope roofs. The black synthetic rubber material comes in different thicknesses and is highly effective at defending against hail damage. It’s an excellent choice to pair with solar panels, as it won’t reflect sunlight as much as TPO roofing.
Commercial Roofing Flat Roof


TPO, or thermoplastic polyolefin, is a bright white roofing material used in commercial flat roofing. It’s a single-ply membrane that comes in different size sheets. The reflective properties of TPO help increase energy efficiency in the summer by bouncing heat and UV rays away from the building.
pvc flat roof


Low slope and commercial flat roofs can be prone to standing water. PVC is a high quality, durable single-ply roofing solution that is made from polyvinyl chloride (or in layman's terms, plastic). Best for buildings that are exposed to chemicals and grease such as restaurants and chemical plants. 
Silicone Coating Roofing

Elastomeric Coatings

Elastomeric coating is one type of liquid membrane roofing, but other options include polyurethane, acrylic, and PMMA. If you’re concerned about UV stability, elastomeric coating is a strong option. It has a natural resistance to UV rays and bacteria growth along with its waterproof barrier.

Let Infinity Handle All Your Commercial Roofing Needs

From full-on commercial roof replacement to restoration or repair, we can quickly and professionally handle all your commercial roofing needs to maximize results and minimize downtime. Not only are we industry experts, but we also take pride in providing the best service possible. We offer free inspections, so you don’t have to worry about paying for an estimate. If you’re looking for a commercial roofing company you can depend on, Infinity Roofing and Siding will have you back up and running in no time.

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